Meet Our Show Hosts

Jimmy "Big Jim" Diaz

 Big Jim is one of the founders of Left Coast Family and Left Coast Gear. He grew up in both the Bay Area and North San Diego County, specifically Oceanside, CA. He is dedicated to improving the reputation of the culture. He’s a family man and understands the importance of educating the next generation to maintain the integrity of the culture.  

Donald "Don P" Reed

Don P grew up in the gritty streets of Brooklyn NY, around hustlers, ball players and just everyday grinders. Born on June 9, 1989 to a Jamaican hustling father and a hardworking Panamanian mother. Like every cliche, his father hung around till he was about 1 year old. He had a large strong family of Uncles and Aunts to fill that void. Family was everything. He needed to excel to survive the tough streets of New York. At the age of 18 he decided that the only way out was to join the Marine Corp. He had found himself fighting gang members and grown men just to demand respect. After 2 years of his tour in Japan he was stationed in California. While in California he rediscovered his passion for music. He began freestyling and recording himself to the point where music became a part of him. 

Arthur "DJ Van" Johnson

 Coming from Miami..DJ Van always been a fan of great music from hip hop to Latin and everything in between... Really knows how to read a crowd to keep the party atmosphere top notch... Be it casino.. Dance clubs..weddings or an occasional Bar Mitzvah, DJ Van always delivers what the crowd wants!!     

Nita "Nita Bee" Brigham

Nita Bee known to her Children as Mommie, Nita to Family and Friends and Nita Bee to her listening audience. She’s witty, funny and sassy, Bold and is the Life of the Party. No filter and always having the listeners on their toes and hand over mouth but with Glee. Nita Bee, Birth Name Arnita, knew she loved doing radio at an early age, pranking  her moms friends and the neighborhood kids with random fake contest calls, she knew this was her calling. God gave her personality, talent and a voice for radio, she’s been at WTR for a year and a half and has enjoyed the Love and Support, starting off with Hosting Nites with Nita Bee, she recently welcomed counter part and friend, Comedian Mocha Rose to incorporate rising and much talked about show, The Nita Bee and Mocha Rose Show streaming every Monday night from 7p-8p. Aside from Hosting on air, Nita Bee can be seen on the tube doing PSA”s, Commercials and Advocating for domestic violence and sexual assault.  

Mocha Rose

I am Mocha Rose


New to the industry and the west coast, Mocha Rose has been blazin’ the scene with her spunky and magnetic personality. Originally born and raised in Georgia where legends like Otitis Redding and Little Richard’s roots began also, this comedian plans on making a name for herself as well.

Understanding that the west coast would afford her more opportunities to pursue her 25 year old dream, she and her youngest daughter moved to California not knowing anyone. But the fact that she did not know anyone thousands of miles away from her hometown did not waver her passion to

pursue her lifelong dream. Not even her close family and friends knew this passion burned within her.

Once Mocha Rose hit the stages all over southern California, the passion she had stifled for so long was unleashed. She calls her portrayal on stage of her life, family, and observations of her 19 year old nursing career in anesthesia her therapy because “she refuses to medicate her crazy!”

Mocha Rose performed her first show at the Comedy Store in La Jolla and has not stopped performing since. She regularly performs in the San Diego area at the Madhouse, the Comedy Palace, and the Comedy Store. She also performs frequently at club shows, corporate and church events.

Knowing the more she gets on stages, the closer her dreams become, she has been performing all over California, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. The pursuit of the big screen has pushed Mocha Rose to attend writing, acting and improv classes to better prepare her for her industry career. Mocha is the co-host

of the radio talk show, “The Nita Bee & Mocha Rose show on World Tuned Radio.”

Mocha Rose is now branching out in to acting doing live theater and she has a few short films under her belt. She is also making her debut in the new web series “Anatomy of an Antihero” and “Pure Comedy” which will be released in June 2018. You can expect to see many things from this funny lady

in the near future! 

Dr. Kirk Coneley

Born in California Roots in Arkansas

Dr.Kirk M. Coneley D.D. (wife) Dr. Deadrian M. Coneley  20 yrs.

  • Senior Pastor Eternal Life Apostolic Church 10 yrs.
  • Chaplain : Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association.
  • License Ordained Pastor
  • Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. and License Minister United Pentecostal Church.
  • President of A.B.U.Bible Collage Attended Texas Bible Collage.
  • Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree American Bible University 2012
  • Music Program Coordinator Tri-City Medical 
  • Lead Guitar Player P.A.W 
  • 30 Years Holy Ghost Filled.
  • Serving The Lord Jesus and the People 
  • World Turned Radio Host

Sunday Morning 9am -10am  Dr. C. Inspirational Hour and Mission Work.

Kevin "Your Friend Kevin" Askew

Your Friend “Kevin” (Askew) originally from Miami, FL, but arrived in San Diego in 2000 from Atlanta, GA. This is where I’ve settled into my career & planted some roots. With an ability to site-read & compose music, classical music theory studies, and a member in the concert chorale in college all of which gives me this acute affinity for music of all types & genre’s. A chance meeting with both Dj Van & Chris Parks (owner of WTR) began my journey with World Tuned Radio.

Pitched the idea of his show “Unsigned HYPE” to promote the creations of Unknown/Unsigned artists to get their music heard. You can submit your music, regardless of genre, to be played on “Unsigned HYPE” which happens every Thursday night at 9pm to 11pm pacific.

Precious and Nikkolai Tuise'e

 Precious and Nikko Tuise’e are siblings who were born and raised right here in beautiful Oceanside, CA. They have been the host of Reckless Roots since August, 2016. The siblings come from a loving, supportive Samoan family where family values and faith are taught at a very young age. The name Reckless Roots derives from their own experiences as teens, and young adults along with their generation of peers and hoping to help bridge a gap with following generations by bringing it back to their roots. Precious and Nikko are a part of a 3rd generation of Samoan families living here in America where their grandparents originated from the island of American Samoa. They have had the honor and privilege to be raised by not only parents but grandparents. The value of God first, and family always has been something that always put them back on the right path. Along with their brother Blaine Tuise’e and endless support from the entire Aiga, family, Precious and Nikko want to continue to speak to the next generations through this wonderful platform they have been blessed with. 

Marcus Noel & Cat

The Soul Suite with Marcus Noel

Every Sunday Night from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. PST join the soul suite on with host Marcus Noel and Cat bringing you the best in R&B, soul, Neo-Soul with that Right Touch of Hip Hop 

Tune in each week as we bring you a new and exciting topic as well as interesting and informative guest that will get you thinking about such things as relationships, love, sex and everything in between. 

Additionally we feature musical artist interviewing them giving them AirPlay and time to show off their tracks. 

Maria "4-Duece" Barrett

Yes Ma'aM Ent. is a team whom specializes in HipHop.  HipHop isn't just music to them, its a way of life expressed through music and connecting with the community. Yes Ma'aM Ent. started in December of 2009 by 4-Duece & LadyLane. A rap duo looking for different ways to get their music heard, they decided to start their own promotional team. They have performed with, done songs with, and/or interviewed a number of artists such as:  M-Dot, Goldie Loc, Yukmouth, Twista, Young Noble, Big Prodeje, Suga Free, Kurupt & More.  

Every other Thursday night we invite you to check out Yes Ma'aM Radio from 7P-9P for all you West Coasters, 9p-11pm for all yall on the East Coast! Every segment we give a tribute so someone who contributed to HipHop in a major way who is no longer here, We touch on Hot Topics, Give you the Hottest HipHop News, Interviews and feature a local artists in our "Cop It or Drop It" segment! Not only that but we give you the Hottes HipHop, old school & new school! Check us out! You can call in and be apart of the show or log in and chat live with us and join the conversation! We wanna hear from you every other Thursday!!!

Karen "Mama G" Graham

 Karen Williams Graham, aka, Ask Mama G is a Woman of stature in All Fields! Church, Home, Advocate in the Community and much much More..Active City Stewart on the Arts Commission for the City of Entertainment, Wife, Mother, Awesome Grandmommie too... you can catch Ask Momma G every Sunday starting at 7pm on World Tuned Radio 

James Carter

James Carter is an emerging talent in the music industry with a passion for all things musical.

Whether it's creating, sharing, performing or discussing, James strives to be involved at all levels, connecting with the community, thru music.

First introduced via Music Performance at a young age, singing in choirs, both on stage and in studio, all throughout grade school. That experience paved the way to a deep admiration and infinite interest for the world of Music & Sound.

Endlessly seeking opportunities to network with industry professionals and to better skills in Producing, Recording, Mixing, and Performing. 

Enrique "DJ Henry" Fuentes

Alysia Dale Broughton

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