Host Your Own Show

The World Tuned Family is looking to kick off the summer by adding to its current list of amazing show hosts. We are getting ready to expand our reach to be the most successful radio station in the world and would love to have you join us.  


Hosting a Radio Show on provides you a platform to showcase your professional expertise, build your company or individual brand and develop deeper relationships with your customers and prospects.


By becoming a radio host, you’ll be able to deliver your message in a timely and effective way, via the Internet and on Mobile, which is where radio has been heading for years. You will be showcasing and communicating your knowledge and capabilities while interacting with passionate listeners and followers!


Your Radio Show will reach a listener base of business professionals locally, nationally and even globally. You (and your company) will become a “Thought Leader” in your industry. A talk show is an entertaining and informative format. Talk show hosts are always perceived as experts and credible sources.

Internet Talk Radio Podcasts are one of the fastest growing media of all time. Technology is expanding the reach through the rapid growth of Internet access to include: podcasts, wireless applications, in-car IP radio, mp3 players, and the newest radio receivers that no one can live without, smart phones. All accessing a growing Internet radio audience.

BUILD RELATIONSHIPS AND INFLUENCE COMMUNITIES (Turn Prospects into Clients into Raving Fans)

Your show establishes a relationship with your listeners along with extraordinary networking opportunities for you with your guests, leading to enhanced business opportunities. Additional income and relationships arise, including the possibility of pay per listen, advertising sales and sponsorships, which can be significant.

There are numerous opportunities to link to your radio show from various Internet locations, including your own web site, guests’, affiliates’, associate web sites and the fast growing social media distribution. Add these along with email campaigns and traditional promotional avenues and you reach success sooner.

Your shows will be archived for 24/7 listening for a minimum of a year, for long term promotion and exposure.

Benefits of Hosting A Radio Show

Our hosts enjoy the following

  • Host training
  • 1-4 hour weekly live broadcast at a set day and time.
  • 1 professionally produced commercial for yourself or your product/service
  • 6 minutes of commercial air time (ad slots that are owned by you, the host)
  • Professionally produced show opening
  • All shows are archived for 24/7 listening for at least 12 months
  • Customized sponsorship packages for advertisers
  • And most importantly, You get support and insights from the GCMC/WTR team

Consider what you’re currently spending on marketing and advertising with your business. 

Hosting a radio show costs just a fraction of most other advertising, and has a much greater ROI than typical radio and television campaigns. 

This is your media, you control the topic and the message. You will connect with new prospects and strengthen current relationships.

Download Host Application

Radio Show Host Interest Form (pdf)


World Tuned Radio Programmer Application (pdf)


Be A World Tuned Radio Show Guest!

Have something to share with the world? Want to increase exposure and build your credibility? Let us know what you'd like to talk about